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Why is Responsive Important? –

How we approach website designs have changed when it comes to users thanks to the invention of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Prior to the creation of these handy devices that offer the capability of advanced web-browsing, there was only one simple challenge for web designers: Keep the feel and look of a website the same on each of the different browsers for desktop computers. Easy enough!

On the other hand, the interaction that handheld devices have with websites is different than it is on desktop monitors. The technology that web designers have to factor in today is crucial to a company’s website being everything it should be is almost never ending. The technology like Click versus Touch, Pixel Resolution, and Screen Size need to be supported as well. Each of these is crucial when it comes to Responsive Design as websites are created.

Before you can have clear understanding about the importance of Responsive Design for your business’ website, it is important to have an understanding what exactly is “Responsive Web Design”.

Responsive Web Design – What Is It?

Responsive Web Design, is how coding and laying-out a website is approached so that the viewing experience of the user is optimal. What does that mean? It means the web designer makes a website easy to navigate and read on any devices without constant panning, resizing, and scrolling. A website looks the same no matter if you are viewing it on a desktop monitor or a handheld device.

With a Responsive Design, the web designer ensures that the navigation elements on a website are self-adjusting. This includes elements like the audio/video players, images, screen-layouts, and text as well as any other UI elements. As such, there is no need to spend additional money or time to create and maintain two versions of a website.

Responsive Web Design – Why Is It Important?

So now that what Responsive Web Design is has been explained, let’s take a look at why it so important today when designing a website. There are 4 main reasons that make Responsive Web Design so important today:

Money and Time

The belief that creating a responsive website is expensive is not 100% true. Yes, the cost of making a responsive website is a little more than to make a conventional website. However, the cost to create a duplicate website that works for handheld devices is eliminated with Responsive Web Design which cuts the total cost of development significantly. As well, a Responsive Web Design cuts back the cost of total ownership because it eliminates the effort and need of maintaining multiple versions of the same website. So at the end of the day, the investment in a Responsive Web Design is a smart business decision. 

Mobile Devices Pervasion

Every day the amount of traffic on the internet that originates from handheld devices is exponentially increasing. With more people becoming acclimated to surfing the internet via their smartphones or tablet, it wouldn’t make sense for a website publisher not incorporated responsive web design. Before our very eyes, when it comes to websites, the need for “One Site Fits All Devices” will no longer be an option.

The User’s Experience

For a website to be user friendly, it is a known fact that content is king and content discoverability is the metrics for measuring success. However, user friendly website means that visitors are able to view the content of a website on any device they choose at any time. With that being said, Responsive Web Design is about the optimal experience being provided for the user, regardless of what type of device they are using. This could be on a desktop computer, their smartphone or tablet and even on a smart-TV.

Unsure Of The Device

When it comes to the various devices and their OS, responsive web design is unsure when it comes to their operating systems. However, responsive web design must ensure that the user will receive a consistent experience with a website regardless what device they use. From the iPhone or the iPad to the smartphones that are running the Android OS, or the Windows OS. As such, content publishers and website owners need to build versions of a website that is viewable on any device platform that an audience may use.

Google Rules Us

Google has rolled out new algorithms and ranking changed for everyone. Hence, if your website isn’t responsive web design so that it is easily read on any device the user has, Google will penalize you by down-ranking your site. With that means you risk losing your hard-won web capitol and access smartphone users that are potential clients.

Going Forward

Instead of compartmentalizing a company’s website content into device-specific capabilities, the smarter option would be to adopt the responsive web design approach. That isn’t to say that there the need for separate sites that are geared for specific devices isn’t needed. For instance, if the goal is to get users to view mobile content for a specific business and its promotion, then the better approach is to create websites that serve different content. However, we don’t need to let that design thought process be the default.

Today, it is important that digital content is viewable on a range of different experiences, and thus responsive web design is the answer. By choosing to go with an agency like BLOK, who has years of experience creating websites that are responsive web design and meets the demands of Google, you can rest assured that your website will be high ranking with Google and all search engines.